Histroy of afghanpost

History of Postal services after the Rule of Amir shir Ali khan

1870: Establishment of Balahisar Post office in Kabul and a post office in the center of each province of the country serving Primary Postal Services Affairs and Postal Stamps.
1892: A Post Office near the presidential Compound was Established.
1908: Postal Network developed more.
1918: General Directorship of post and Telegraph & Telephone was included in the Organization of the Interior Ministry.
1918: A Post office was established in each of the big cities.
1925: International post services between Afghanistan and British India Government of Via Torkham Border.
1928: General Directorship of Post and Telegraph & Telephone becomes and Independent Administration.
1928: Afghanistan became of a member of the World Postal Union.
1928: After having joined the world Postal Union and some other individual Company agreement were signed.
1929: Post is conveyed towards Torkham and Kundahar by vehicles.
1929: Various type of deliveries such as Latter, Postcards, Newspapers, Magazine and other printed matters as well as parcels are made inside and outside of the Country.
1934: Title of the Post Administration from General Directorship of Telephone and Telegraph was changed into The Department of Telephone, Telegraph and later on it was elevated to the Ministry of Communication.

1973: Law of Postal Services was amended.